While the history of the Christian and Missionary Alliance can be found at www.cmalliance.org the history of Washington Valley Chapel is nearing its centennial marker. Washington Valley Chapel was founded in 1918 in the Collinsville section of Morristown. Its founding pastor, W. W. Davis, secured the small chapel and by 1922 it was debt-free.  A small congregation grew and thrived at this location.  Just after World War 2, the original site moved to a beautiful Victorian home on the corner of Elm and Hill Streets in downtown Morristown (the home was replaced by apartment housing years later).

By 1964, it was apparent that a larger facility was needed, and 4.8 acres of land was purchased on Kahdena Road in Morris Township for the paltry sum of $19,500.  Construction began soon after and the present facilities were dedicated to the glory of God in April of 1965. Like most churches, the church has seen seasons of growth and blessing throughout its history. It has seen 19 pastors over its nearly hundred years of existence, some serving less than two years while others have enjoyed longer tenures of service, most recently Pastor John Kalis who served us from 1996 through 2014, our longest tenured pastor.

Washington Valley Chapel is believed to be the second oldest of the C&MA churches in the area (only Simpson Church in Nyack, NY is known to be founded earlier than WVC). In recent years, a second congregation was birthed from among us which also is worshiping in Morristown, Iglesia Allianza of Morristown; a church that found its beginnings in a Spanish Sunday School class. We have also been a 'sending church', equipping, developing and commissioning quite a number of people who are in ministry posts today.

What we envision for the days ahead is in keeping with Jesus' parable of the mustard seed. We believe that the best is yet to come, despite current cultural trends. The God we serve is bigger than the culture. Ours is a rich history to be sure; and promises to become richer still!